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Edwin Muir Correspondence

This page offers a guide to correspondence in Edinburgh University Library's Edwin Muir Papers (Coll-445).

There are letters from Muir to Scottish writers George Mackay Brown, Eric Linklater, and his wife Willa Muir. There is particularly important correspondence from Muir to the mathematician A. C. Aitken, together with other letters to writers (Anya Hertzog, Glyn Jones, John Lehmann, Harold Monro, Derek Stanford) or academics (George Shepperson).

Further correspondence is listed in Edwin Muir Materials in Other EUL Collections, including letters from Muir to Maurice Lindsay, Norman MacCaig, and Hugh MacDiarmid.

1. Correspondence with Scottish Authors

George Mackay Brown

  • 38 letters from Muir to Brown, 1951-58 (Gen 767/7)

Eric Linklater

  • Letter from Muir to Linklater, 2 April 1945 (Gen 2104/6/1)

Enclosing TS of Muir's poem ‘The Voyager’ (Gen 2104/6/2-3) and acknowledging inspiration in a story told to Muir by Linklater.

Willa Muir

  • 5 letters from Edwin to Willa Muir, 1953-54 (Gen 1957/4)

2. Other Correspondence

A. C. (Alexander Craig) Aitken

  • 8 letters from Muir to Aitken, 1938-41 (Gen 767/12)

J. C. Furnas

  • Letter from Furnas to Muir, 1 April 1954 (Gen 1733/124)

Anya Hertzog

  • Letter from Muir to Hertzog, July 1952 (Gen 1957/4)

Glyn Jones

  • 2 letters from Muir to Jones, 6 and 24 September 1954 (E95.76)

John Lehmann

  • Letter from Muir to Lehmann, [1950??] (Dc.4.101-03)

Harold Monro

  • 2 letters from Muir to Monro, 10 and 17 June 1925, 1 letter from Monro to Muir, 25 June 1925 (Dc.2.76/15)

George Shepperson

  • 2 letters from Muir to Shepperson, 13 July 1951 (Gen 767/8) and 7 June 1954 (Gen 1733/125)

Derek Stanford

  • Letter from Muir to Stanford, 4 October 1954 (Dc.2.76/26)

Further Details

For further details, see the Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue and the manual Index to Manuscripts held in the Centre for Research Collections, Edinburgh University Library.

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