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Inline support for Learn

Impact (previously Eesysoft) is a tool which has been adopted by the Learn service at the University of Edinburgh in order to provide inline support for both staff and students.


Learn help tab
Impact help centre screenshot

The Support Center is where you can get help and find answers to your questions about Blackboard 24/7. Once you have logged into Blackboard, a question mark in a circle will appear at the top of the page in a tab called Learn Help. Clicking this tab launches the Support Centre dashboard which appears as an overlay on the page.


You can use the search bar to look up specific help items, or you can click on a listed topic.


Based on where you are in Blackboard, and your role, the most relevant help topic will be highlighted.


If you want to jump to a different topic, you can use the tiles to make your selection.


At the bottom you will see suggested help items. These items include articles, videos, and hints.