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Installing the Certificate in MacOS X

These instructions will guide you in installing the University of Edinburgh Certificate Authority (CA) certificate in MacOS X for use with Safari, Chrome and Apple Mail.

1. Removing the old certificate from Keychain

This step is only required if you've previously added the University root certificate to your system.

Open the "Keychain Access" application from the Applications -> Utilities folder. Unlock the System keychain by highlighting it in the List and clicking on the large padlock icon in the top-left corner. You should be prompted for the system admin password.

With the System keychain unlocked select the certificate with the name "University of Edinburgh CA". Hit the "delete" key, enter your system password again and click on "Modify Keychain". This should remove the University of Edinburgh certificate from your system.

If you can't find it but you're certain you installed it may be in a different keychain e.g. login. In the search box in the top-right corner type "edinburgh" and hit "Enter" then follow the procedure above to remove it.

2. Downloading the certificate file to Keychain

Follow the link below and save the certificate file to your desktop. Then drag the file on to the Keychain application in the Applications -> Utilities folder.

3. Add to Keychain

You will be prompted for a Keychain to add the certificate to and you should select System keychain. You may then be prompted for a username and password. If your account is an administrator account, then enter your own login password. If you are not logged in as an administrator, then enter the administrator's username and password. If you are unable to login as an administrator you may add the certificate to the Login keychain. This will only enable it for the currently logged in user account.

Please note: If you do not get a message asking you to 'Trust' the certificate, please double-click it in the list, expand the ‘Trust’ section, and select ‘When using this certificate: Always Trust’ and enter your Mac’s admin name and password.

4. Quit Keychain

Quit out of Keychain and restart Safari or Apple Mail.