Information Services


Details of the network services available on the University EdLAN network.


WiFi (Wireless) network access

Connecting to the university network using WiFi(wireless) networking

WiFi(Wireless) network access

VPN access service

Virtual Private Networking connections to the University

VPN access service



Network Replacement Project

The Network Replacement Project will implement a more resilient, flexible and predictable network for our students and staff.

Network charging

This details the Information Services charges for the EdLAN network for the year August 2011 to July 2012. Charges are levied according to a classification of units within the University organisational hierarchy.

Sponsored connections

As a primary site on the Joint Academic Network (JANET), IS can offer sponsored connection of an organisation's computer network to JANET, and thus the Internet, via the University's network.

Network Time Service

Information Services provides a time synchronisation service that allows you to keep the clock on your PC correct.


When you are connecting to services on the Internet you really want to be sure that you are talking to the correct server. Certificates ensure that communications are secure.

Services offered to external organisations

Under JANET Proxy Connection rules, University departments can offer services to any third party organisation or company, provided that it is in the University's interests to do so. These services can include:


Netjobs is a web application to request and keep track of all network installations.

IT Infrastructure Standards

Information Technology Infrastructure (ITI) is comprised of more than just voice and data. ITI embraces all wired and wireless means of conveying information within buildings and between sites.