Information Services

Researcher Cloud Service (Eleanor)

This Openstack cloud computing service is now available for research use.

These use cases will guide researchers to using the Research Services OpenStack interface to Eddie:

  • a researcher needs access to an API to create virtual machines to run compute jobs accessing research data on Datastore or the Secure Data Service using operating systems not provided on the standard Eddie compute platform;

  • access to an API to create virtual machines with the ability to use pre-defined research-related applications and operating system environments which have been pre-packaged and provided as a “cloud image”;

  • access to scheduling tools which are fundamentally different from GridEngine – in particular, Spark and Hadoop;

  • the ability to build and deploy custom workflow and other research management tools which may include data management, data processing, simulation, analysis and publication as a single packaged pipeline;

  • provide bespoke interfaces to research data and tools for sharing and collaborating across and outside the University of Edinburgh, both with named collaborators and the general public. 


Accessing the service

Documentation for this service is available at:

To connect to the service follow the link to: