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Library Committee

To superintend the University Library and its contents, including the approval of policies and procedures and to provide advice to the University Librarian on all aspects of the operation of the University Library. The Committee meets three times a year and reports directly to the Knowledge Strategy Committee.

University Collections Advisory Committee (UCAC)

UCAC provides a framework to support, develop and promote these collections in line with best professional practice. UCAC also fulfils a necessary role in advising on and approving documentation required for external validation (eg Museums Accreditation Scheme); the Committee is the formal University Collections route to Court (via KSC), and members advise Court on responses to repatriation requests. UCAC homologates loans out from University Collections. It works in parallel with Library Committee which deals with the general library collections, access and services. UCAC is a key route of advocacy for the University’s collections both within and outwith Information Services Group. The members are senior representatives from the different professional curatorial areas and from major centres of collections activity. The Committee meets three times a year and reports directly to Knowledge Strategy Committee.

Digitisation Strategy Consultation

The University of Edinburgh already provides access to a wide range of digital resources, but we want to increase the number of our own collections available in digital format

Library and University Collections Impact Report 2014/15

In our 'Year of Discovery', find out how Library and University Collections continues to have impact in our four priority areas: Delivering Excellent Services; High Quality Collections; First Rate Engagement; and Attracting External Investment.

Library Committee