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Pay scales

Pay Scales as at 1 April 2024

UE01 to UE10 - full time

UE01 to UE10 (HTM)

UE01 to UE10 (PDF)

From 1 April 2024 we have made some structural changes to the University Grade Scale. The national pay spine salary values remain unchanged, but the point at which each grade starts and ends have been adjusted. University staff can click here for more information on how this affects them.

UE01 to UE10 - part time

Grades UE02 to UE10 April 2024 (HTM)

Grades UE02 to UE10 April 2024 (PDF)

Grades UE01 to UE10 November 2023 (HTM)

Grades UE01 to UE10 November 2023 (PDF)

Clinical Academic Staff below Consultant level

Clinical Academic Staff (New Consultant Contracts and SAGPs)

Manual & Trades


Head of School: the greater of: £8,000 or the difference between basic salary and the 6th point of the UE10 scale.

First Aid: £135 per annum.

Acting Up Allowance

This allowance is payable when significant additional duties from a higher graded post, or the full duties of a higher graded post, are agreed to be undertaken where there is a vacancy or the normal job holder is absent. Acting Allowances may facilitate the cover of short-term recruitment gaps which would not typically exceed 6 months. Otherwise, a post may need to be filled on a temporary basis for a specific reason e.g. maternity cover, long-term sickness absence cover, or a higher graded person has been seconded or temporarily promoted. This will be for a specified period of time and typically this should be for no more than eighteen months or for the duration of a secondment/ temporary promotion unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Where the full remit of the higher graded post is being covered then the Acting Up Allowance will be the difference between the person’s existing salary and the first spine point of the grade they are acting up to.

Responsibility Allowance

This allowance reflects additional responsibilities agreed with the employee that would be considered unusual in comparison to others carrying out a similarly graded job. This allowance would apply for a time limited period.