Prospective undergraduates

Buildings and facilities

We are based in a Grade A-listed building in the heart of the city, giving you access to facilities which will be essential to your studies.

The William Robertson Wing of the historic University of Edinburgh Old Medical School has been transformed to provide a spacious and modern interior, decorated with collections and artefacts from each subject area. Dedicated computer labs and lecture theatres are complemented by informal learning areas, and a split-level student research room on the top floor provides a tranquil and airy study space populated by statues from the Classic's cast collection. Our teaching collections of archaeological and classical artefacts include the Vere Gordon Childe collection.

The Student Research Room

The Student Research Room is a beautiful space spread over two floors and housing a number of book collections (many of which can be borrowed), classical statues and IT and study facilities.  This space is managed by a team of student volunteeers and is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is located on the second mezzanine and third floors of the William Robertson Wing (you can enter this space via room 2M.25 or room 3.13).



The Undergraduate Common Room

This space was created for the exclusive use of undergraduate students, and is located on the second floor of the William Robertson Wing (room 2.30). It contains comfy sofas, lunch tables, a vending machine, a tea preparation area with fridges and kettles, noticeboards, IT facilities, laptop tables and lockers. The UCR often hosts events for undergraduates, and is an excellent place to meet with fellow undergraduates to work on group projects.

The teaching computer lab

This is a teaching room which contains computers specially designed for workshops and computer software training. It has a large selection of specialist software installed such as ArcGIS, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, CorelDraw and ClassicalText Editor. It is located on the second floor of the William Robertson Wing (room 2.36).

The Archaeology labs

Our Archaeology students carry out practical work in the following spaces:

  • Finds processing and thin section lab
  • Chemical lab
  • Microscopy lab
  • Archaeology teaching lab
  • Osteology lab

Access to these labs depends on the courses you select and your dissertation topic. Find out more about our Archaeology labs by following the link below.