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Find out how you can study at the School as a visiting student.

If you're an international student interested in the University of Edinburgh, you might consider applying to study here as a visiting student. A visiting or exchange student spends up to one year studying at Edinburgh before returning to their home institution to complete their degree.

With the Study Abroad programme you can come to the University of Edinburgh for one or two semesters, or the entire academic year. You will pay tuition fees while studying here and acquire credit which will go towards the degree you receive from your home institution.

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With the Erasmus exchange, students from institutions in Europe that have an Erasmus exchange agreement with the University of Edinburgh can come to study here for up to one year. You will have to be nominated to study here as an Erasmus student.

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Students outside of Europe can come to study at the University as part of the International Exchange. 

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Am I eligible to study at Edinburgh as a visiting student?

Your eligibility as a visiting student will depend upon several factors, including:

  • where you are studying
  • your grade average
  • your English language skills

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