School of History, Classics & Archaeology

Edinburgh Award students celebrate

The School congratulates its student who recently completed the Edinburgh Award.

The Edinburgh Award allows students to get official recognition for their involvement in activities such as volunteering, part-time work, and involvement in the University community. It allows students to develop skills highly valued by employers and to be part of a dynamic student community.

Several students across the three School subject areas of History, Classics and Archaeology received their Edinburgh awards in a ceremony at the University on 25 April. The School sends its warmest congratulations on their achievement!

You can read more about the Edinburgh Award reception below.

Edinburgh Award reception puts students in the spotlight


HCA students

Employ.ed On Campus

Holly Rankin - History (MA Hons)

Judith Jacobs - History (MA Hons)

Leadership through Sports Union Volunteering

Olivia Stevens - History and Politics (MA Hons)

Resident Assistants

Ciara Meehan - Archaeology (MA Hons)

Sports Union: Coaching

Elizabeth Muse - Archaeology (MA Hons)

Fabio Avesani - Classics (PhD)

Isobel Hardy - History and Economics MA (Hons)

Students as Change Agents

Hannah Austin - History (MA Hons)

Louisa Steijger - History (MA Hons)

Mu-Chian Chou - Economic and Social History (PhD)

Tharun Venkat - History and Politics (MA Hons)

Zuruiyi Tian - History and Politics (MA Hons)

Students' Association: Leadership in Student Opportunities

Eve Jeffreys - Classical Archaeology and Ancient History MA (Hons)

Ita Ossowska - Human Osteoarchaeology (MSc)

Lucy Bell-Knight - History and Politics (MA Hons)

Maximilian Allanby-Bassett - Classics (MA Hons)

Salome Beyer - History and Politics (MA Hons)

Sophie Holloway - Ancient History (MA Hons)

Sungyoun Park - History and Politics (MA Hons)

Yuen Wong - History (MA Hons)

Widening Participation Peer Mentoring

Alana Lavery - History (MA Hons)

Erin Robb - Economic History (MA Hons)

Work Experience

Eden Swimer - History (MA Hons)

Florrie Mantio - Classical Archaeology and Ancient History MA (Hons)