Publications and work in progress

We are in the early stages of our project, but we have already begun to work on a variety of different projects and publications. 


Our first project publication is out!

  • Emile Chabal, 'France's Identity Crisis' in Current History (Vol. 123, Issue 851, March 2024)This essay explores the development of identity politics in France. It discusses some of the difficulties of talking about identity in France, and it provides a historically grounded explanation for why manifestations of identity politics are so controversial in French public life. It also describes some of the ways that identity politics has nevertheless come to France in the form of progressive and conservative social movements, as well as specific public policies.
Public engagement
  • Rachida Brahim, project team member and researcher on the French case, recently discussed her research on racist crimes in a 4-part radio documentary on France Culture focused on the 1983 "Marche pour l'égalité et contre le racisme".

We have been building an open-access Zotero bibliography of literature related to the history and sociology of identity politics, race, social movements and political culture in France and the UK. It will be regularly updated by members of the project team. You can access the bibliography here

FInd out more about the rationale and detailed aims of the project here.