Graduate School


You will undertake a research project and produce a dissertation which is submitted on an assigned date in mid-August.

The final element of the programme is a 15,000 word dissertation (60 credits), which students complete during the summer months. This is an independent, primary source-based research project supervised by one or more members of academic staff. Students have considerable freedom to define their own dissertation project — so long as it is a feasible project that one or more staff members have the expertise to supervise.

Example dissertation topics

Past dissertation topics have included:

  • Keine Nummern, Keine Sklaven; die Norweger: Norwegian Survival in Auschwitz 1942-1945
  • "How the past is commemorated through a country’s war memorials mirrors what people want to remember, and a lack of attention reflects what they wish to forget.”
  • Narrating the 1984 Miners' Strike: Developing themes of rememberance and commemoration from 1984 - 2015
  • Welsh Identity and Britishness: A study of the South Wales female factory workers in England 1942 - 1945