Postgraduate Students

Antonis - PhD in Classics

Antonis, PhD in Classics, enjoys reading ancient Greek poetry and looking at modern videogame receptions of classical mythology.

What attracted you to this degree?

I was drawn to a PhD in Classics at Edinburgh mainly because of the availability of suitable supervisors relevant to my own research interests and because I was interested in doing further research in something I enjoy.

What do you wish you'd known or worried less about when preparing to start your current studies?

Writing a research proposal is far less intimidating than it seems, and it's something that you don't do exclusively on your own, because you're supposed to get feedback from your prospective supervisor.

What’s your top tip for new students to do in in their first few weeks?

Attend as many induction events as possible, academic or non-academic, and go to research seminars.

If you are an international student what advice do you have for overseas students?

You can find a student society of your own country but part of the fun of studying abroad is getting to know the locals and people from other countries as well.

Tell us a secret that makes your life as a student easier

In a PhD, without mandatory courses, classes and seminars, it's easy to be under the impression that you have all the time in the world, but that can lead to procrastination and then things can easily get out of control. Being consistent in whatever you do is key, which for me meant having a daily plan of things that I wanted to get done.

What was it about the research environment at Edinburgh that stood out to you?

The relaxed atmosphere and the social gatherings after each weekly research seminar.

What is the best thing about doing your PhD at Edinburgh so far?

Being in a beautiful city that combines urban, mountain and sea landscapes.

What plans do you have after you graduate?

I intend to follow an academic career and I think my PhD at Edinburgh will help me equip the right skills to prepare for that transition.