Research projects

A small selection of the research projects we are involved in.

Earthen Empire: Earth and turf building in the Roman North-West

The Earthen Empire: Earth and Turf Building in the Roman North-West is a Leverhulme-funded research project directed by Dr Ben Russell (Classics) and Dr Chris Beckett (Engineering), exploring earth building traditions in the Roman world.

Research in the Požega Valley (Croatia)

Dr Manuel Fernández-Götz co-directs excavations and surveys at the Iron Age site of Kaptol and its surroundings.

Excavations at the Roman settlement of Huerta Varona

Dr. Manuel Fernández-Götz’s excavations at the Roman settlement of Huerta Varona shed new light on the Romanisation of Northern Spain.

An Atlas of Hillforts in Britain and Ireland

Funded by AHRC, this four-year collaboration between the Universities of Edinburgh and Oxford will create an online, interactive database of Iron Age hillforts across the Britain and Ireland.

Engineering the Byzantine water supply: procurement, construction and operation

A new project funded by the Leverhulme Trust will build on archaeological research completed nearly a decade ago by Prof James Crow, on the Water Supply System of Byzantine Constantinople

Excavations at Monte Bernorio

Dr. Manuel Fernández-Götz co-directs the excavations and surveys at one of the main Iron Age fortified settlements in Northern Spain.

Excavations at Bourges

Prof Ian Ralston's work on excavating evidence of a sizeable and sophisticated community of the early la Tène period around the town of Bourges, Central France.

Anthropological analysis of ancient populations from Ibiza, Spain

Dr Elena Kranioti is involved in this collaborative project that aims to reconstruct the physical characteristics and life history of various populations that lived in Ibiza, Spain.

Çamlıbel Tarlası project

Dr Ulf-Dietrich Schoop's excavations reveal a fascinating picture of a prehistoric village which, despite its remoteness in the forested Anatolian plateau, traded extensively across the region and eastwards to the Persian Gulf and India.

The Archaeology of Constantinople and its hinterland

Prof Jim Crow's research on Constantinople's water supply systems and the 5th-century Anastasian Wall sheds new light on the Late Roman and Byzantine empires.