Professor Jim Crow (M.Litt. BA. F.S.A., F.S.A. (Scot.))

Emeritus Professor of Roman and Byzantine Archaeology


I studied Ancient and Medieval History at Birmingham University, with Anthony Bryer and Philip Rahtz, and went on to study Byzantine archaeology at Newcastle University with Martin Harrison, writing a thesis on the late Roman fortifications on the lower Danube, having spent 9 months in Sofia in 1975. I was later a research fellow at the British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara, and was subsequently director of excavations for the National Trust on Hadrian’s Wall from 1982-1989. After a year as lecturer in Ancient History and Archaeology at Warwick University, I was appointed to a lectureship in Archaeology at Newcastle University in 1990 and taught there until 2007. I came to Edinburgh in that year and have  helped to develop teaching and research in late antique and Byzantine studies.

Responsibilities & affiliations

I was Hon. Secretary of the Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies from 1996-2006; I have a long association with the British Institute at Ankara and I’m currently a member of the research committee and council of managment. For many years I was on the Hadrian’s Wall management plan committee and currently in advisory roles on Hadrian's Wall and the Cheviots.

Undergraduate teaching

  • Archaeology 1A [[ARCA08004] (Contributor)
  • Archaeology 1B [ARCA08005](Contributor)
  • Archaeology 2A:Scotland before History [ARCA08005] (Contributor)
  • Roman World1B [CLGE08004] (Contributor)
  • Byzantine Archaeology: The archaeology of the Byzantine empire and its neighbours AD 500-850 [ARCA10055] (Convenor)
  • Archaeology of Architecture [ARCA10082] (Contributor)
  • Constantinople the history of a medieval megalopolis from Constantine the Great to Suleyman the Magnificent [CHCA 10005] (Convenor)
  • Hadrian's Wall and its stakeholders past and present [CHCA 10039] (Convenor)

Postgraduate teaching

  • Approaches for the Long Late Antiquity [PGHC 11360] (Contributor)
  • Byzantine Archaeology: The archaeology of the Byzantine empire and its neighbours AD 600-1000 [PGHC11260] (Convenor)
  • Constantinople the history of a medieval megalopolis from Constantine the Great to Suleyman the Magnificent [PGHC 11438] (Convenor)
  • Frontiers in Archaeology, Research seminars [PGHC 11001] (Convenor)
  • Space, Place and Time, the archaeology of built environments [PGHC 11412] (Contributor)

Current PhD students supervised

Name - Degree - Thesis topic - Supervision type - Link

      - PhD - A biocultural perspective on the health and socio-economic status of women in two Romano-British communities - Secondary -

Erskine, Graeme - PhD - Roman roads between the Antonine Wall and Hadrian's Wall - Primary - link

    - PhD - Ritual Landscapes in Later Prehistoric Northern Britain - Secondary -

Intagliata, Emanuele - PhD - Palmyra in late antiquity and early Islam - Primary -

Kennan, Lisa - PhD - Ceramic Archaeology in Context: Bridging the Gap Between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages in the Eastern Mediterranean. - Primary -

     -  PhD - Doors and Domestic Space at Pompeii - Primary -

McMath, Phillip - PhD - A bioarchaeological investigation into they Byzantine life way on the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria. - Secondary -

Miller, Paul, Michael - PhD - Wood, Clay and Stone: defining the architecture of domestic structures in Etruria, 750-500 BC - Secondary - link

O’Donnell , Kathleen - PhD - TBC - Secondary - link

Reed, Fraser - PhD - The Economic Role of the Urbeo Thraciae from Diocletian to Maurice - Primary - link

Rocks-Macqueen, Doug - PhD - First Steps Towards a Dynamic Agent Based Predictive Model - Primary -

Scardina, Audrey - PhD - Ecclesiastical Architecture and Settlement in Byzantine Lycia - Primary - link

    - PhD - Binding Traditions: a study of mortairs in late Roman and early Byzantine construction - Primary -

Ulfik, Nicholas - MScR - Roman annexes in Britain - Primary -

Past PhD students supervised

Name - Degree - Thesis topic - Supervision type - Completion year - Link

Valente, Rossana - PhD - Unglazed pottery from Corinth, 8th to 13th Century CE - Primary - 2017 - link

Stammitti, Emily - PhD - Dam construction and Archaeology: Defining the Impacts of the Past, Present and Future - Primary - 2015 -

Research summary


  • Britain & Ireland
  • Mediterranean
  • Near East


  • Ancient Civilisations
  • Landscapes & Monuments


  • Antiquity
  • Medieval

Research interests

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Current research interests

I have ran field projects in Northumberland at High Rochester and Harbottle, and in Turkey east of Trabzon and from 1994 in Thrace where we investigated the Anastasian Wall and the Water Supply System of Constantinople. Recent collaboration with Professor Derya Maktav from the Department of Remote Sensing of Istanbul Technical University has enabled a further programme of research on the Water Supply of Constantinople completed in 2009 and I remain committed to the application of archaeology for the study of urban history especially in the early medieval period. Arising from our studies of the Anastasian Wall and historic landscapes in Thrace in collaboration with Dr Sam Turner of Newcastle University we have investigated the application of Historic Landscape Characterisation for the understanding of historic landscapes from contemporary to classical periods. I see this work developing through further fieldwork and analysis concerning Byzantine and later landscapes and monuments in the Aegean and Anatolia.

Affiliated research centres

  • Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies

The list below is a subset of the information held on the University of Edinburgh PURE system, and includes Books, Chapters, Articles and Conference contributions. For a full list, including details of other publication types (e.g. reviews), please see the Edinburgh Research Explorer page for Professor Jim Crow.

Books - Authored

Crow, J., Bardill, J. and Bayliss, R. (2008) The Water Supply of Byzantine Constantinople. London: Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies

Books - Edited

Crow, J. and Hill, D. (eds.) (2018) Naxos and the Byzantine Aegean: Insular Responses to regional change. Athens: Papers of the Norwegian Institute in Athens


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Conference contribution

Crow, J., Turner, S. and Lekakis, S. (2019) Tοπιο και οικισμος στη βυζαντινη Nαξο. In: Πρακτικά του 6ου Πανελληνίου Συνεδρίου με θέμα "Η Νάξος μέσα στους αιώνες"., pp. 370-380

Teba, T., Theodossopoulos, D. and Crow, J. (2016) Exposing the sacred monumentality in Ugarit: Remodelling the Temple of Baal. In: Porceedings for the Structural analysis of historical structures SAHC 2016.