Professor Ian Ralston (OBE, MA, PhD, DLitt, FRSE, MAE, FSA, FSA Scot, MCIfA)

Abercromby Emeritus Professor of Archaeology


I studied under Professor Stuart Piggott at Edinburgh University, and was appointed to a Research Fellowship and then a Lectureship at Aberdeen University (1974-1985). Thereafter I joined this University’s Department of Archaeology. Between 1990 and 2000 I was Director of the Centre for Field Archaeology, the University’s applied archaeological unit, which is now in the private sector as CFA Archaeology Ltd.

In 1998, I was promoted to a personal Chair in Later European Prehistory. In 2012, I was appointed to the Abercromby Chair of Prehistoric Archaeology. I acted as Head of School from 2013-2016. Outwith the University, I have held a number of senior administrative roles, and was until 2011 Chair of the Scottish Archaeological Finds Allocation Panel. I am an associate of UMR 8546, Ecole normale supérieure, Paris.

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Undergraduate teaching

I have taught previously on the courses listed below, but am currently on research leave.

  • Archaeology 1B, Archaeology 2A, Archaeology 2B, Scottish Studies 1B
  • Hons options on ·  The Practice of Field Archaeology in the United Kingdom
  • The Iron Age of western Temperate Europe
  • Gallia from the third century BC to the reign of Augustus
  • The Scottish lowlands: archaeology and landscape before the Normans
  • Archaeological Fieldwork
  • Archaeological Practice

Postgraduate teaching

I have taught previously on the courses listed below, but am currently on research leave.

  • The Practice of Field Archaeology in the United Kingdom
  • The Iron Age of western Temperate Europe
  • Gallia from the third century BC to the reign of Augustus
  • The Scottish lowlands: archaeology and landscape before the Normans

Current PhD students supervised

Current Students:

Past PhD students supervised

Past Students:

  • Thiemann, Nicolle, PhD, Facing the past - In vivo facial soft tissue depths of a modern adult population from Germany. Secondary. 2016,
  • Rocks-Macqueen, Doug, PhD, First Steps Towards a Dynamic Agent Based Predictive Model. Secondary. 2016,
  • Cooper, Malcolm A, PhD, Gerard Baldwin Brown and his circle: Edinburgh and the evolution of conservation 1870-1932. Primary. 2016
  • Cook, Murray, PhD, A contribution to the later prehistoric and early medieval settlement record of Scotland south of the Great Glen, with a specific focus on Strathdon, Aberdeenshire. Primary. 2015, 
  • Stammitti, Emily, PhD, Dam construction and Archaeology: Defining the Impacts of the Past, Present and Future. Secondary. 2015  
  • Gooney, Dawn, PhD, Life and Death in Iron Age Orkney: an osteoarchaeological examination of the human skeletal remains from the burial ground at Knowe of Skea, Westray. Secondary. 2015, 
  • Osborne-Martin, Erin, MPhil, Some aspects of regional variation among larger enclosed sites in the later La Tène of France: an archaeological and proto-historical approach. Primary. 2014,
  • Faulkner-Jones, Rachel, MScR, Locational and distributional aspects of Scottish Bronze Age artefacts. 2013
  • Khorasani, Sara, PhD, Mid-Late Holocene environmental change in northern Sweden: an investigation using insect fossil remains. Secondary. 2013
  • Waters, Geoff, MPhil, The Drystone Chapels of Islay: aspects of chronology, context and distribution. Primary. 2013  
  • McLaren, Dawn, PhD, Funerary rites afforded to children in the Earlier Bronze Age in Britain: case studies from Scotland, Yorkshire and Wessex. Primary. 2012  
  • Aitchison, Kenny, PhD, Demand and Supply in UK Archaeological Employment, 1990-2010. Primary. 2011
  • McIlfatrick, Orlene, PhD, The Transitory vessel: aspects of the ceramic record of the Iron Age in North and West Scotland. Primary. 2010  
  • Werner, Shelley, PhD, An assessment for the case of shared traditions in the North Channel region.. Primary. 2008
  • Dennis, Samantha, MPhil, The use of experimental archaeology to examine and interpret Pre-Pottery Neolithic architecture: a case study of Beidha in southern Jordan. Primary. 2008  
  • Verrill, Lucy, PhD, Later prehistoric environmental marginality in western Ireland : multi-proxy investigations. Primary. 2006  
  • Thoms, Jennifer, PhD, Aspects of economy and environment of north west Lewis in the first millennium AD : the non-marine faunal evidence from Bostadh and Beirgh considered within the framework of north Atlantic Scotland. Primary. 2005  
  • Watson, Alasdair, PhD, Religious acculturation and assimilation in Belgic Gaul and Aquitania from the Roman Conquest until the end of the second century CE: selected aspects, Joint, 2005  
  • Alexander, Derek, MPhil, Aspects of the later prehistoric and protohistoric settlement of west central Scotland. Primary. 2002 
  • Werner, Shelley, MPhil, Later prehistoric settlement in Eastern Scotland, north of the Tay: a geographical information system based analysis. Primary. 2002  
  • Ceron-carrasco, Ruby, PhD, Of fish and men : aspects of the utilization of marine resources as recovered from selected Hebridean archaeological sites = De iasg agus dhaoine. Primary. 2002  
  • Barclay, Gordon, PhD, The First Farmers: The Neolithic of east-central Scotland. Primary. 2001  
  • Carver, Emma, MPhil, The visibility of imported wine and its associated accoutrements in Later Iron Age Britain. Primary. 2001  
  • Warren, Graeme, PhD, Towards a social archaeology of the mesolithic in Eastern Scotland. Primary. 2001  
  • Lawson, Helen, MScR, Defining statehood in early medieval Scotland. Secondary. 

Research summary

  • My interests include the European Iron Age, Scottish archaeology of all periods, and the development of applied archaeology. My most recent field projects took place in central France, where I was involved in large-scale excavations around the city of Bourges, in collaboration with French colleagues from UMR 8546-6 of CNRS (based at the Ecole normale supérieure, Paris) and the local archaeological service.

    • The archaeology of Scotland from earliest times until the middle ages
    • The later prehistory of Britain and Ireland
    • Archaeological resource management and applied archaeology
    • History of British, especially Scottish, archaeology
    • The European Iron Age, especially the settlement record of western temperate Europe  


  • Britain & Ireland
  • Scotland


  • Ancient Civilisations
  • Landscapes & Monuments
  • Material Culture


  • Prehistory
  • Antiquity

Current research interests

I am currently working on writing up a range of sites and topics on the later prehistory of Scotland, Britain and France.

Project activity

  • Late Hallstatt / Early la Tene workshops and other features at Port Sec Sud, Bourges, Cher, France with Dr Olivier Buchsenschutz (CNRS – ENS, Paris, France) – see e.g. Buchsenschutz and Ralston 2002; Augier, Buchsenschutz and Ralston 2008; Ralston 2010; Augier et al 2012
  • Camp de Corny, Meunet-Planches, Indre, France (2011) – Late la Tene small enclosure – an aristocratic farm with murus gallicus and earlier ironworking evidence?
  • Co-PI, with Emeritus Professor Gary Lock, Oxford, on the AHRC-funded project An atlas of the hillforts of Britain and Ireland, 2012-16.

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The list below is a subset of the information held on the University of Edinburgh PURE system, and includes Books, Chapters, Articles and Conference contributions. For a full list, including details of other publication types (e.g. reviews), please see the Edinburgh Research Explorer page for Professor Ian Ralston.

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Books - Edited

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Conference contribution

Romankiewicz, T. and Ralston, I. (2021) Revisiting Glenelg a century after Alexander O Curle: Reconstructing brochs in treeless landscapes. In: Gardening time: Monuments and landscape from Sardinia, Scotland and Central Europe in the very long Iron Age. Cambridge: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, pp. 65-74DOI:

Ralston, I. (2019) The hillforts of Britain and Ireland – the background to the Atlas project: An overview of the number of hill- and promontory-fort sites. In: Hillforts: Britain, Ireland and the nearer continent. Papers from the Atlas of hillforts of Britain and Ireland Conference. Oxford: Archaeopress, pp. 9-27

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