School of Health in Social Science

Tutoring opportunities

The sections below show upcoming courses with tutor vacancies by subject area. From here you can see details of what activity we expect tutors to be working on, and how many tutors we require for each course.

Current Tutoring Opportunities

Below are the the tutoring opportunities advertised for academic year 2023/24 in the School of Health in Social Science.

These will be at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level and will be mainly small group tutorials and marking of assessments. Some opportunities require students to have professional or other qualifications and this is made clear in the tables below.

Please look at opportunities available across the different subject areas within the School.

Please note vacancy details are subject to change. Please contact the Course Organiser for more details.

Applications are now closed. If you have questions regarding your submitted application please email

Conditions of Service


You can contact for any queries about the application process.