Global Health Academy

Secretariat and Senior Fellows

Our Global Health Academy work is led by a small Secretariat who collaborate and link with a wide range of advisors and partners from both within and beyond the University. This enables us to build wide networks across a range of sectors and disciplines.

Director and Academy Lead

  • Liz Grant, Director and Academy Lead, Global Health Academy and Co-Director of the Global Compassion Initiative


  • Francisca Mutapi, Co-Director, Global Health Academy and Co-Director of TIBA,
  • Sue Welburn, Co-Director, Global Health Academy and Executive Dean, Zhejiang University - University of Edinburgh Biomedical Sciences Institute

Senior Fellows

Proving guidance and expertise in relation to grants, research topics, strategic development, partnerships and communications. Senior Fellows include:

  • Wendy Ball, provides strategic input to networks and social impact organisations, particularly to enhance the effectiveness of movements and partnerships set up to advance positive change.
  • Heather Cubie, Consultant Clinical Scientist with an Honorary Chair in the University of Edinburgh College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine; recently retired from NHS Lothian with which she had been associated for more than 40 years.
  • John Gillies, previous Chair of Royal Collage of General Practice; Co-Director of the Compassion Initiative
  • Anne Hendry, Clinical lead for Integrated Care; Senior Associate IFIC                                
  • Moira Leng, Palliative Care Lead for Humanitarian Emergencies and Fragile States (PallCHASE) and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh.


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