Global Compassion Initiative


An overview of our objectives and direction of travel.


  1. To support the University to be internationally recognised as a place of learning that is shaped and driven by compassion where our staff and students are known for their emotional and relational intelligence.
  2. To support students to graduate from our university with a rich understanding of compassion and experience of integrating compassionate practice into learning, work and life.
  3. To enable students and staff to be leaders in applying compassionate principles and practice
  4. To be a resource for the city and the world in translating evidence and catalysing gaps in research and teaching.


As a result of our work:

  • Staff and students feel connected to each other and have a sense of belonging to the University community
  • Students graduate with an evidenced-portfolio of citizenship that demonstrates a lived understanding of compassion in action.
  • Staff recognise the value of delivering research and teaching that is shaped by the principles of compassion, and adapt their practice accordingly.
  • Our staff, students and partners are more committed to delivering – locally and globally – to the SDGs because we are a more compassion community.
  • Because of how we work, the evidence we generate and the way we translate knowledge, people from a wide range of sectors have tools to embed compassion in everyday practice to bring about sustained change in the city, nation and the world.

2019-2021 Priorities

  • The Global Compassion Initiative to have a significantly increased profile across the University and within the city.
  • New students to be introduced to this work and worldview within the first month of their training
  • To pilot staff training and student training
  • To host conversations and symposia on the science and practice of compassion
  • Advance compassion activities (e.g. Portfolio of Citizenship, Global Compassion Index (for businesses), MOOC on Common Compassion)