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Make a difference by going Planetary with your diet

Julian Mashingaidze and The Food Revolution team invite students to take up a challenge of eating healthily while doing good for the environment.

Students are at the heart of many discussions around healthy eating, ethical eating, and climate change, and this new generation can shape the direction which the planet and humanity head towards.

With this in mind, the Food Security and Sustainability Society has partnered with Dundee University Medical Society to develop a month-long Planetary Health Meal Plan (PHMP), inspired by the EAT Lancet’s recent Commission on Food, Planet, Health. Our PHMP will be directed at students from Edinburgh and Dundee.

The EAT Lancet Commission determined that a global planetary health diet benefits people and the planet. It is a flexible plan that promotes plant-based portions such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes.

While meat and dairy are important components of the diet, they are featured in small quantities. The Commission has determined that PHMP can reduce carbon emissions, while making the general population healthier.

Trial month

From mid-September to October, we will be launching our very own PHMP meal plan targeted at university students.

Before that, from 7 June to the end of the month, we will be running a trial. We have partnered with several eco-friendly local stores to develop a month-long plan that is healthy and nutritious. Our hope is to get as many students as possible to pledge to our meal for just one month.

The first 25 sign-ups will win free meal boxes to get them up and running. In addition, we will have prizes for those students who eat most healthily and most sustainably over the month.

Our main goal is to have students shift to healthier, more sustainable food choices which they can continue beyond the first month. We are also hoping to show students easy, affordable planetary recipes as well as improve their cooking skills.

A bonus is that we will also be providing business for our local stores, helping to build up our community.

So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of the Food Revolution!

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