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19/02/20  Shirley Tarawali Seminar: 'till the cows come home: a well worn path or a new trajectory?

Video: Shirley Tarawali Seminar 'till the cows come home: : a well-worn path or a new trajectory?
Seminar by Dr Shirley Tarawali - PowerPoint slides and audio recording

27/11/19  Maggie Gill Seminar: Bridging the research-policy interface: why it is important and thoughts on how to do it. 

Video: Maggie Gill seminar recording
Maggie Gill Seminar recording with PowerPoint slides

8/10/19  Mark Davis Seminar: Joined up thinking in agriculture and development: Can humanity survive without agriculture? Can agriculture survive humanity? 

Video: Mark Davis Seminar Recording with powerpoint
Mark Davis Seminar recording with PowerPoint slides


19/9/19  Seminar in partnership with SEBI: Can we feed the planet, and stay within planetary boundaries?

You can view the seminar here:

The EAT–Lancet Commission addresses the need to feed a growing global population a healthy diet while also defining sustainable food systems that will minimise damage to our planet.  Professor Mario Herrero, a contributor to the EAT-Lancet report, is  Chief Research Scientist of Agriculture and Food at CSIRO, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (Australia), and is a Corresponding Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Organised by Supporting Evidence Based Interventions (SEBI) in collaboration with the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security, both hosted by the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.



05/06/19  Ian Godwin Seminar: Good Enough to Eat?

Video: Ian Godwin Seminar
Film of seminar incorporating Powerpoint slides given by Ian Godwin.



02/04/19  Prof Sayed Azam-Ali Seminar: Food of the past to feed the future

Video: Azam Ali Seminar
Film of Prof. Azam Ali seminar with Powerpoint slides.



22/11/18 Prof Toby Mottram Seminar: Measuring the invisible: cow monitoring moves out of the stone age

Video: Toby Mottram Seminar
Film of Prof. Toby Mottram Seminar.

12/10/18  Alan Tollervey Seminar:  The International & National Priorities That Drive our R&D Investments

Video: Alan Tollervey Seminar
Film of Alan Tollervey Seminar with Powerpoint slides.

10/10/18  Ulrich Loening & Daisy Martinez Seminar: Healthy Crops A New Agricultural Revolution

Video: Ulrich Loening Seminar
Film of Ulrich Loening and Daisy Martinez Seminar with PowerPoint presentation.

07/09/18  Andrew Campbell Seminar: The converging insecurities of food, water and energy, amplified by climate change: what sorts of knowledge do we need, and how might we acquire it?

Video: Andrew Campbell Seminar
Video of the seminar given by Andrew Campbell.

02/08/18  Dr Fiona Borthwick Seminar: Sustainable Agricultural in the Ramu Valley, Papua New Guinea

Video: Fiona Borthwick Seminar
Film of Fiona Borthwick Seminar with PowerPoint slides.

23/5/17  Peter McCornick Seminar: Water For Food Security

Video: Peter McCornick Seminar
Film of Peter McCornick Seminar with PowerPoint presentation.