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The Scottish Family Health Study

The Scottish Family Health Study (GS:SFHS) is a collection of genetic, medical, family history and lifestyle information from over 24,000 volunteers. This is an excellent resource for conducting studies on how our genes and the environment combine to affect our chance of getting common diseases.

Genetic Health in the 21st Century

Genetic Health in the 21st Century (GS:21CGH) gathered genetic information about the people of different areas of Scotland, to give researchers a clearer picture of the genetic make-up of the Scottish population.

Donor DNA Databank

The Donor DNA Databank (GS:3D) is a collection of DNA samples from the general Scottish population which is available to researchers who are investigating human diseases with a genetic component. GS:3D holds samples of around 5000 volunteers.

Data Linkage

Since recruitment completion, we have worked to link our data to health records and this has helped to greatly extend our data resources. This section details our current data as well as potential future data linkage.

Access to Generation Scotland Resources

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Case Studies

Nearly 150 projects using Generation Scotland resources have been completed. Here you can browse a selection of case studies by research area.