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The Security Section can assist in an emergency, give out-of-hours student support, and help prevent crime in your area.

University of Edinburgh Security

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13 Infirmary Street

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In an emergency

The Security Section may be called in the event of an emergency on the number above - 24 hours a day, every day (including holidays).

Where you need the emergency services then dial 999 and request the appropriate emergency service.


Out-of-hours student support

What this service offers

Access to front line advice from the 24/7 security team and if necessary, access to an on-call student services manager who can offer further, practical advice and information, normally over the phone. The service is intended to support students who are experiencing a welfare crisis which is too urgent to leave until the next working day.

Examples of a student welfare crisis might include:

  • being a victim of serious crime,
  • being hospitalised,
  • loss of accommodation (e.g. due to fire or flood).

These may be reported by the student or by the student’s flatmates/friends/family.

What this service does not offer

This service is not designed or intended in any way to replace the role of the emergency services or other relevant agencies such as GPs or other local NHS provision. Student services managers on call are not trained counsellors and will not be able to offer any form of therapeutic intervention.

Full list of out-of-hours support availble to students and staff


Security services

Out-of-hours building access

The Security Section can be contacted when out-of-hours access to a building may be sought.

Out-of-hours fault reporting

The Security Section can be contacted if a fault (e.g. plumbing / flood, electrical, etc.) is found within a university building outside of normal working hours, and if the fault is an emergency.

Crime prevention

Our Crime Prevention Officers engage with students and staff through events and presentations to inform them about the best and easiest ways to prevent crime. Please get in touch if you wish to arrange one of the following events for your group or area:

  • Personal safety advice presentations
  • Protective marking of property (bicycles, laptops, mobile devices)
  • Surveys that examine the security of buildings, their environment, or internal space

Please call 0131 650 2257 to arrange a meeting with one of our dedicated Crime Prevention Officers.

Event security

We are able to provide security advice for events taking place on university property. If you are the organiser of such an event and would like advice, please contact us on 0131 650 2257 and request a consultation from our Events Security Manager or one of our Area Security Managers.


Other support available to students

A list of resources and support available to students can be found on the university Contacts page:

Full list of out-of-hours support availalbe to students and staff