Security services

We offer out-of-hours building access and fault reporting, event security and assistance with crime prevention.

Out-of-hours building access

The Security Section can be contacted if you require access to a building outside of normal working hours. 

Out-of-hours fault reporting

The Security Section can be contacted if a fault (e.g. plumbing/flood, electrical, etc.) is found within a university building outside of normal working hours, and if the fault is an emergency.

Crime prevention

Our Crime Prevention Officers engage with students and staff through events and presentations to inform them about the best and easiest ways to prevent crime. Please get in touch if you would like to arrange one of the following events for your group or area:

  • Personal safety advice presentations
  • Protective marking of property (bicycles, laptops, mobile devices)
  • Surveys that examine the security of buildings, their environment, or internal space

Please call 0131 650 2257 to arrange a meeting with one of our dedicated Crime Prevention Officers.

Event security

We are able to provide security advice for events taking place on university property. If you are organising an event and would like advice, please contact us on 0131 650 2257 and request a consultation from our Events Security Manager or one of our Area Security Managers.