Academy of Sport - Acadamaidh Spòrs Oilthigh Dhùn Èideann

MSc in Sport Policy, Management and International Development

This innovative MSc in Sport Policy, Management and International Development provides a critical understanding of the key concepts necessary for employment and advancement across all sport sectors.

The MSc in Sport Policy, Management and International Development critically examines the commercialised and media-orientated world of professional sport, and the increasingly important realm of community sport.

The programme is designed for:

  • Recent graduates - from any discipline - seeking the specialist knowledge necessary to enter employment in sport.
  • Current sport practitioners keen to develop their knowledge for career advancement.

Examine sport in its broader context

Recognising that sport managers operate in a highly politicised environment, the programme reviews the role of government in shaping sporting opportunities and sport’s contribution to social policy agendas, such as crime prevention, health improvement, educational attainment and community building.

The programme also examines sport’s role in peace and reconciliation, leadership development, gender empowerment and disease prevention across the world.

Develop skills in and knowledge of sport management

This MSc examines issues of specific relevance to the management of sport organisations.

These include strategic management, leadership, organisational culture and behaviour, managing change, performance management, human resource management and risk management, all addressed in relation to the uniqueness of sport and its social and political contexts.

This interpretation of sport management is deepened by examining the mass media’s structuring of sport management debates, and by assessing how the media can be used to the sport manager’s advantage.

This holistic view of sport management is extended by analysing key sport marketing concepts to provide a foundation for managing sport communications through traditional and new social media.

The programme also studies fundamental aspects of research methods and links these to sport management concerns.

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