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PGDE Secondary

The Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) Secondary is for graduates who want to become subject-specialist teachers in the secondary sector. Combining graduate level study of education and professional placements, this programme is the Scottish route to qualified teacher status.

Teaching in the twenty-first century is a highly complex profession. A teacher is required to be proficient in not one major role, but several. The Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) Secondary is designed to prepare you for the range of roles that teachers are expected to play:

  • The teacher in the classroom - a competent reflective practitioner, responding effectively to the learning needs of a wide range of pupils.
  • The teacher in the school - a good collaborator and positive contributor to the school ethos through the formal and informal curriculum, through interdisciplinary learning and through extra-curricular activities.
  • The teacher in the curriculum development process - a subject specialist, curriculum developer, and contributor to educational innovation.
  • The teacher in the profession - an active member of a community of educationalists with shared obligations, values and responsibilities, and with the capacity for leadership.
  • The teacher in society - who conducts and sustains relationships at many levels: at local level with parents, other professional agencies, and education authorities; at national level, with assessment authorities, policy making, advisory and research bodies; at international level with exchange programmes.

Each role brings a distinctive set of challenges and requires deep knowledge and skill.

You will develop the capacity to become a transformative teacher, making a positive impact on the outcomes of learners , with the capacity to become a future leader in the profession. To this end, we focus on teaching student teachers to use their powerful subject knowledge to create interesting, relevant and progressive teaching.

Subjects we offer

Art and Design - W1X1

Applications open September 2020 for August 2021.

Biology - C1X1

Applications open September 2020 for August 2021.

Chemistry - F1X1

**PLACES AVAILABLE for September 2020 start**

Design and Technology - J9X1

Applications open September 2020 for August 2021.

Drama - W4X1

Applications open September 2020 for August 2021.

English - Q3X1

Applications open September 2020 for August 2021.

Geography - F8X1

**PLACES AVAILABLE for September 2020 start**

History - V1X1

Applications open September 2020 for August 2021.

Mathematics - G1X1

**PLACES AVAILABLE for September 2020 start**

Modern Foreign Languages - French R1X1, German R2X1, Chinese T1X1

**PLACES AVAILABLE for September 2020 start**

Music - W3X1

Applications open September 2020 for August 2021.

Physical Education - X9C6

Applications open September 2020 for August 2021.

Physics - F3X1

**PLACES AVAILABLE for September 2020 start**

(The University reserves the right to withdraw certain subjects, depending on the quotas set by the Scottish Funding Council: Further information)

NB Jan 2020: We are no longer accepting applications for Latin Q60L, Latin and Classical Studies Q81L.

Dual qualification status

Dual qualification means that a teacher is qualified to teach two different subject areas within schools, such as History and English, or Mathematics and Physics.

We welcome applications for dual subject qualification and can accommodate many dualities. One exception to dual qualification is Design and Technology as this is already considered a double subject in Scotland.

If you want to pursue a dual qualification you must have an additional 80 credits in the second subject area and meet the GTCS requirements for teaching this subject. Your application should be made for the first subject area but you should state on the form that you have an interest in dual qualification.

Please contact the Programme Director for further information about dual qualification.

Email the Programme Director (Lynne Pratt)

Photograph of group of students working in library

Professional Outcomes

The PGDE (Secondary) programme aims to develop in our students:

  • the knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies necessary for a beginning teacher
  • knowledge of the distinctive traditions, practices, and forms of organisation of education in Scotland
  • the ability to relate theory to practice in all aspects of education
  • the attitudes and values necessary to support reflective practice
  • skills in professional research and enquiry, including skills in action research
  • a critical understanding of the teaching and learning process, including those relating to special needs, new technology, and equal opportunities
  • an ability to work successfully in collaboration with others
  • skills in planning, reviewing and monitoring their own and academic development
  • enhanced ability to work in a critical, innovative and creative manner
  • enhanced communicative skills

Design principles

This programme is designed to prepare you for the range of roles that teachers are expected to play. It is coherent and progressive and features assessment that will support student learning to provide reliable feedback and reporting. These requirements lead to the following principles for the design of the programme.

  • Student learning will address an appropriate set of unifying themes and core topics.
  • The programme curriculum is designed to support student teacher development through experiential learning in schools and face-to-face campus-based learning in the university.
  • University-based studies will be organised around a sequence of integrated lectures and workshops.
  • Placement experience will be built on an effective partnership between the University and schools.
  • Assessment tasks will be well matched to the developmental model and will be guided by explicit performance-related criteria.
  • The programme is designed on the principle that teaching is social practice and therefore much time is spent with tutors and other students.