Moray House School of Education and Sport

Our PGDE Secondary students

Our students share advice and reflect on their experiences on the PGDE Secondary programme at Moray House School of Education and Sport.

Chantal Gluting, PGDE Languages

Video: Hear from Chantal, a PGDE Languages graduate from Moray House!
Chantal, a PGDE Languages graduate from Moray House shares an insight into the PGDE teaching programme at the University of Edinburgh!

John B​​​erry, PGDE Mathematics

Video: Hear from John, a PGDE Maths graduate from Moray House
John, a PGDE Maths graduate talks about his experience at Moray House School of Education and Sport.

Rebecca, PGDE Secondary (Chemistry and Physics)

Rebecca Nicolson
Originally from Shetland, Rebecca received a PhD in Chemistry before pursuing her PGDE Secondary in Chemistry and Physics at Moray House. Here, she shares what inspired her and what she hopes to achieve in her teaching career.

Stuart, PGDE Secondary (Design and Technology)

Stuart Maughan
"If I can instill a sense of curiosity in young people, a passion for sustainability and an interest in design culture, I will consider myself very satisfied."

Emily Bell, PGDE Secondary (English)

'I chose to come to the University of Edinburgh because the programme offered me a 1-year degree with equal parts university-based coursework and practical experience teaching in schools.'

Andrew Broadfoot, PGDE Secondary

'They know their subjects, they know how to teach us and teach pupils. And Edinburgh is a wonderful city.'

Lizzie McGhee, PGDE Secondary (Music)

'I feel I can be completely transparent about how I’m doing throughout the year, the highs and lows, and always receive a listening ear, encouragement and understanding.'

Tom Bird, PGDE Secondary (Physics and Mathematics)

'At Moray House, going to conferences and learning together has been especially rewarding. You are shown a world of possibilities for what teachers can do and be.'