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Improving Visitor Experience Through Analysis of Visitor Foot Traffic and Donations

This project has received funding from the CAHSS Developing Impact Award.

The project

The project involves developing ground for potential co-production and mutual knowledge exchange with the host with an ultimate goal to improve the experiences of a large number of diverse visitors of a significant historical and cultural landmark. The project involves developing mutual understanding, identifying and developing the methodology suitable within the host’s institutional framework, developing measures of research impact, exploring the existing and potential datasets on foot traffic and donations, and potential interventions within the host’s institutional constraints. The projects is expected to provide a springboard for an application for a UKRI impact grant. 

CAHSS Developing Impact Award

CAHSS KE and Impact grants are awarded for projects engaging with policy, professional practice, industry or community audiences, with the purpose of increasing impact of research through mutual exchange. Awards may also be made for projects where a tool, resource, or insight based on research is developed into a new or improved product, process or service. 

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