School of Economics

Research Projects

A list of research projects at the School of Economics

Improving Visitor Experience Through Analysis of Visitor Foot Traffic and Donations

This project has received funding from the CAHSS Developing Impact Award.

Teachers' Labor Markets And Job Match Quality

Soledad Giardili's project has been funded by the British Academy.

Cities, Trade and Productivity (ESRC New Investigator Grant)

Dr Andrei Potlogea (University of Edinburgh), together with co-investigator Dr Alvaro Felipe García Marín (Universidad de los Andes), has secured an ESRC New Investigator Grant for a project titled "Cities, Trade and Productivity".

Behavioural Institutions

Professor Ed Hopkins has been awarded the Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship to conduct research on behavioural theory.

Learning in Good Firms

Diego Battiston (University of Edinburgh) has received funding from the British Academy's BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants to carry out data-driven research on earnings inequality in a research project titled "Learning in Good Firms".