About BLUE

Behavioural Laboratory at the University of Edinburgh (BLUE) was launched in March 2013 and its primary objective is to promote and facilitate experimental research by social scientists at the University of Edinburgh.

  • BLUE was completely renovated in 2023 and currently has 38 fully partitioned work-stations (with pre-installed z-Tree) with a separate experimenter's office.
  • It is designed to support a wide range of experiments including those in which subjects (a) are entirely separated from other participants, (b) interact with each other, and (c) communicate anonymously.
  • BLUE is available for use by both university staff members and other researchers in social sciences, and projects of current PhD students at the University of Edinburgh are welcome.
  • The laboratory maintains a subject pool consisting of students from the University of Edinburgh.
  • BLUE is located at 40 George Square, The University of Edinburgh (Google maps).