Centre for Comparative Pathology

Our Research

A wide range of cutting edge technologies are used across the Centre’s research to understand biology and pathological mechanisms of a broad range of diseases.

Human and veterinary medicine is informed by data integration from many sources to build a comprehensive picture of pathological abnormalities.


The Centre for Comparative Pathology provides pathology support to all areas of cancer research across the University.

Cardiovascular Disease

The most common cause of morbidity and mortality in Scotland is cardiovascular disease.

Developmental Disorders and Paediatric Pathology

Foetal pathology is an under researched area with developmental biologists studying model organism embryology.

Innate Immunity, Infection and Inflammation

Many of the important infectious diseases that affect humans are zoonoses and with the emergence of antibiotic resistance, there is a renewed interest in predictive animal models of experimental infection.


Unrivalled opportunities exist to undertake detailed investigations into the pathogenesis of a wide variety of neurological conditions.

Regenerative Medicine

Tempering the excitement associated with the emerging field of regenerative medicine is the challenge to safely progress from bench to bedside, often using animal models.

The Helmsley Gut Cell Atlas Project: Normal & Crohn’s Disease

This project will build a Gut Cell Atlas from human tissue samples, from which single-cell gene expression data and histopathological image cellular localization data will be generated These will be correlated with some clinical, pathological and radiological data. The project is funded by The Helmsley Charitable Trust.