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Edinburgh Imaging Facility QMRI

This facility is located within the Queen’s Medical Research Institute (QMRI) at the Bioquarter campus at Little France.


The Edinburgh Imaging Facility QMRI delivers clinical & academic research imaging in humans.

Clinically, we collaborate closely with NHS Lothian because we are co-located on the Bioquarter campus with the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, at Little France.

Academically, we are located within the Clinical Research Facility, which puts us at the heart of medically focused research.

Physically, we are located within the Queens Medical Research Institute (QMRI).

A team of multidisciplinary imaging scientists advises on all aspects of the implementation & design of imaging protocols for patients & study participants. We also host an image analysis suite which is ideal for post processing & assessment of imaging data.


Our research currently focuses on:

 We can provide high quality imaging for small single scan projects, right through to coordinating multi-centre global clinical trials.


FAQ: How do I start an imaging project at your facility?


Prof van Beek explaining to Princess Anne, the research potential of the Edinburgh Imaging Facility QMRI.
Prof van Beek explaining to Princess Anne, the research potential of the Edinburgh Imaging Facility QMRI at the official opening of the facility on 14 Feb 2017.
  • 2009 - We started scanning trial participants & patients under the aegis, "Clinical Research Imaging Centre" (CRIC)
  • 2010 - The Duke of Edinburgh, then Chancellor of the University, officially opened the facility on 29th October 
  • 2014 - The facility joined the Edinburgh Imaging community
  • 2016 - The facility was renamed the Edinburgh Imaging Facility QMRI
  • 2017 - Princess Anne, now Chancellor of the University, officially opened the facility under its new name on 14th February 2017


Facility Directors
Senior Staff

The Edinburgh Imaging facility QMRI houses Scotland's first PET-MR scanner, the Siemens Biograph mMR, which combines state-of-the-art 3T MR with proven molecular imaging, fully integrated in one system.

EI facility location
PET-MR 3.0T Siemens Healthcare Biograph mMR QMRI
MR 3.0T Siemens Healthcare Magnetom Skyrafit QMRI

64 slice CT LYSO detectors Extended table range TOF-capable

GE Healthcare Discovery 710 QMRI

128 slice CT LSO detectorsTOF-capable

Siemens Healthcare Biograph mCT QMRI
Hand-held fundus camera   Epipole EpiCam QMRI
Fundus camera   Canon CR-DGi QMRI
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)   Heidelberg Engineering   SPECTRALIS QMRI
Amyloid Plaque detection via SLO   Neurovision   QMRI
OCT Angiography   Heidelberg Engineering   SPECTRALIS QMRI
Ophthalmoscope Ultra-widefield SLO 200° FoV Optos Daytona QMRI
Optical Biometry (Axial Length)   Ziess IOL Master QMRI
Cyclotron   GE Healthcare PETtrace8 QMRI
GMP Radiochemistry Suite       QMRI

Our facility is backed by financial support from private donations and grants from a range of sources:

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Edinburgh Imaging Facility QMRI

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