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Thank you for answering the questions. The resources below are free to download.

We hope these guides are useful in giving you some ideas of how to help a child with their strengths and difficulties. We very much welcome feedback on our resources: please contact Dr. Sinead Rhodes at sinead.rhodes@ed.ac.uk with any comments.

Terms and Conditions

Edinburgh Psychoeducation Intervention for Children and Young People© also known as EPIC is copyrighted by the University of Edinburgh 2021.

Except where otherwise stated these materials may not be altered, amended or converted without prior permission from the University of Edinburgh. Use of the materials implies that the reader has read and understood the terms of use.

These materials are available for educational purposes and may be of interest to parents, teachers and clinicians who work with children. Their professional use is the responsibility of the user, at the user’s own risk. The authors and the University of Edinburgh are not responsible for any third party use of these materials by individuals who have not read this guide and terms of use.

The materials may be used for professional purposes but as a courtesy please notify Dr Sinead Rhodes (sinead.rhodes@ed.ac.uk) before using professionally. We welcome translation of the materials and would request that you inform us of your intentions and that we are provided with a copy of the back translation for checking prior to use. We also request that we are provided with a copy of the final translated materials for non-commercial distribution via the University of Edinburgh. Any commercial use or resale of these EPIC materials or its current or derivative works is strictly prohibited. These EPIC materials are intended to be free of use for any interested user.    


'Understanding' booklets


'Strategy' booklet


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