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About EPIC

Who EPIC is for, and the language we use.

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EPIC involves an individualised ‘tool-kit’ approach to child development that aims to facilitate optimal learning, behaviour, and well-being in children and young people.

The principles of EPIC apply to all children but are particularly relevant to children with ADHD, ASD, DCD/dyspraxia and those born prematurely.

Our resources can be used outwith taking part in an actual intervention. The booklets in the resources section can be used by parents and teachers to identify a child’s strengths and difficulties and help with understanding of them (‘Understanding’ booklets). The Strategy booklet can be used to practice strategies to optimise thinking skills, learning and well-being.

A note about language….

EPIC has been developed particularly for use for children with developmental difficulties.

Children and families have different preferences of whether they use person first (“with DCD”) or identity first (“dyspraxic”) language.

Many children have more than one diagnosis making this issue complex. For these reasons we use both types of language.