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News January to June 2018

CCBS news from January to June 2018

LACI-2 trial for stroke that can cause dementia

May 2018: Professor Joanna Wardlaw is leading a British Heart Foundation (BHF)-funded clinical trial to see if cheap, existing drugs could be used to prevent cognitive decline and dementia after stroke.

Congratulations to Stroke Association awardees

May 2018: Edinburgh investigators were the recipients of all the awards at The Stroke Association Research Awards Ceremony in London.

David Hunt wins Medical Research Foundation Emerging Leaders Prize

April 2018: Dr David Hunt is one of three winners of a prize that has been awarded to lupus researchers.

New ‘brain health index’ can predict how well patients will do after stroke

April 2018: A new computer programme developed by scientists at the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow can assess whole brain deterioration and help predict cognitive function after stroke up to ten times more accurately than current methods.

Depression study pinpoints genes that may trigger the condition

April 2018: Congratulations to CCBS scientists David Howard, Andrew McIntosh and colleagues, who have identified nearly 80 genes that may be involved in depression.

New brain injury test could improve patient care

Apr 2018: A new way to rapidly assess levels of consciousness in people with head injuries could improve patient care.

£2.2m boost for pioneering 'big data' research into mental health

March 2018: Novel research aimed at better understanding mental health conditions such as depression is to receive a £2.2 million investment.

Family’s gift aids quest to explore epilepsy link to mental health

February 2018: A major fund has been established to support pioneering research into mental health and early death in people with epilepsy.

February 2018: Winter newsletters

February 2018: Several of our associated philanthropic hubs have recently published their Winter Newsletters.

Ingrid Hoeritzauer receives the John D Matthews award

February 2018: Congratulations to clinical research fellow Dr Ingrid Hoeritzauer, who has received the John D Matthews Award 2017–2018 for academic excellence in the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences.

Joanna Wardlaw receives the 2018 William M Feinberg Award

Jan 2018: Congratulations to Professor Joanna Wardlaw who has been awarded the 2018 William M. Feinberg Award for Excellence in Clinical Stroke. The American Stroke Association honoured 10 scientists for their outstanding stroke research at the International Stroke Conference 2018.

Will Whiteley awarded Scottish Senior Clinical Fellowship

Jan 2018: Congratulations to Dr Will Whiteley of the CCBS Stroke Research Group, who has been awarded a prestigious Scottish Senior Clinical Fellowship from the Chief Scientist Office to study the contribution of vascular risk factors to dementia.

Physio4FMD - new NIHR trial announced

Jan 2018: Congratulations to Dr Jon Stone & Dr Alan Carson, honorary Readers in the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, who have been awarded a National Institutes of Health Research grant for the Physio4FMD trial.

Two simple tests could help to pinpoint cause of stroke

Jan 2018: CCBS researchers suggest that detecting the cause of the deadliest form of stroke could be improved by a simple blood test added alongside a routine brain scan.