MRC Centre for Reproductive Health
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Research Themes

Research at the Centre for Reproductive Health.

The Centre for Reproductive health researches four overarching themes:

Theme 1: Reproductive resilience, proliferation, differentiation and repair

CIs/PIs: Critchley, Pollard, Horne, Anderson, Maybin


Theme 2: Reproductive system cancers: aetiology, pathogenesis and therapy

CIs/PIs: Pollard, Critchley, Mitchell, Kitamura, Qian


Theme 3: Optimising lifelong health through pregnancy and perinatal interventions

Cls/PIs:  Anderson, Gray, Smith, Boardman, Denison, Duncan, Miron, Stock, Reynolds (associate member), Lin


Theme 4: Immune-endocrine interactions in reproductive health

PIs: Pollard, Critchley, Norman, Miron