Evelyn Telfer (BSc (Hons) PhD CBE FRSB)

Chair of Reproductive Biology


1987    PhD. Department of Physiology University of Edinburgh

1987 - 1989    Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Physiology University of Edinburgh

1989 - 1992    Rockefeller Postdoctoral fellow in Reproductive Biology, The Jackson Laboratory , Bar Harbor, Me, USA

1992 - 2000    Lecturer Institute of Ecology and Resource Management, Division of Biological Sciences, University of Edinburgh

2000 -  2011  Senior Lecturer, Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Edinburgh

2011-2013 Reader, Institute of Cell Biology

2013- Professor, Chair of Reproductive Biology, Institute of Cell Biology, School of Biological Sciences


Research summary

Professor Evelyn Telfer heads a research group in Ovarian Development within the Institute of Cell Biology and Genes and Development Group (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences). Her group has a particular interest in developing in vitro models to support oocyte development from immature stages in domestic species and human. Evelyn’s group has developed the first culture system that supports in vitro growth of human primordial follicles to the Metaphase II stage. Her group is now using these models to study the potential of female germ line stem cells isolated from adult ovaries in a range of species. She has published widely in this area and is a regular invited speaker at International meetings. Evelyn’s research is funded by the Medical Research Council U.K. Her group has won several awards at international meetings and Evelyn has been honoured by the Society of Reproduction and Fertility with the “Distinguished Scientist Award 2019” and will deliver the Anne McLaren Memorial Lecture at the Joint Fertility Societies Meeting in January 2019.

Current research interests

Female Germ Line Stem Cells from a range of species (human, cow, elephant, naked mole rat) In vitro formation of oocytes In vitro development of mammalian oocytes

Research activities

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