NIHR Global Health Research on reducing Preterm and Stillbirth (DIPLOMATIC)


Training in Ultrasound to Determine gestational Age (TUDA).

Prevention and treatment of preterm birth requires an accurate assessment of gestational age during pregnancy.  This allows us to accurately determine when the baby is due, if it is growing at a suitable rate and is a healthy fetus.  This is best achieved through UltraSound Scanning (US) measurements prior to 24 weeks gestation.

The objectives of this study will be to evaluate the optimum method and minimum duration of training required to achieve competency in fetal ultrasound prior to 24+6 weeks’ gestation.  Also to evaluate whether femur length measurements alone are adequate to assess fetal gestation in the study population.  The midwives’ views (in both Malawi and Zambia) and their experience of the training package and confidence in performing scans independently will also be explored. 

Additional guidance on how to apply a single estimated date of delivery, agreed in early pregnancy and which will not change, will also be rolled out and evaluated.