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News 2019

An archive of Centre news from 2019

Open approach to animal research earns accolade

The University’s work on communicating how animals are used in research has won a national award: December 2019

House of Lords Science and Technology Committee’s Ageing Inquiry

Dr Riccardo Marioni gave evidence to a House of Lords Inquiry into Ageing. Nov 2019

IGMM welcomes the public inside for Doors Open Day

Visitors exploring IGMM for Doors Open Day 2019
The MRC Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine opened its doors to the public for its fourth Doors Open Day last month, hosting almost 200 visitors: October 2019

DNA findings suggest improved way to predict gout

Genetic data from half a million individuals informs on gout prediction and biological underpinning of high urate levels: October 2019

Charlie Lees awarded UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship

Dr Charlie Lees
Dr Charlie Lees has been awarded a highly prestigious URKI-funded Future Leaders Fellowship, joining the Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine at the University of Edinburgh in November 2019

Scotland’s genetic landscape echoes Dark Age populations

Genetic Map of Scotland
The DNA of Scottish people still contains signs of the country’s ancient kingdoms, with many apparently living in the same areas as their ancestors did more than a millennium ago, a study shows: September 2019

Lothian Birth Cohort study suggests ageing process accelerated by DNA changes

MRC Human Genetics Unit and Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine study with University of Glasgow links somatic mutations to a general measure of biological ageing: August 2019

Genetic and Epigenetic Biomarkers of Protein Level in Neurological Disorders

Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine scientists identify genetic and epigenetic biomarkers associated with neurological disorders. July 2019

Shining a Light on Genetics Disorders

On 18 June the public joined researchers, clinicians and patients at the MRC IGMM for ‘Shining a Light on Genetics Disorders’, part of this year’s MRC Festival of Medical Research: June 2019

Testing Osteoporosis Treatments in a Clinical Setting

Image of spine
An observational study of patients with osteoporosis prescribed the drug Teriparatide confirms its effects on spinal bone. June 2019

Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors for Interferonopathies

Brain images
A recent award of a £1.7 million MRC Experimental Medicine Challenge grant to Professor Yanick Crow will assess a novel drug treatment approach for Aicardi-Goutières syndrome. May 2019

CGEM Scientific Away Day 2019

CGEM away day 2019  opening talk
The Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine held a scientific away day in the Royal Society of Edinburgh with speakers from across the Centre and beyond. May 2019.

From Green Bench to Lab Bench

Carol Monaghan MP in CGEM lab
Carol Monaghan MP took a walk in the shoes of an Edinburgh health data scientist as part of the Royal Society's pairing scheme for scientists and MPs. April 2019

DNA modifications associated with poor lung function and COPD

DNA is modified by the environment and genetics to affect the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. April 2019

Parliamentary Partnerships: From lab bench to back bench

Royal Society pairing scheme participants
Glasgow MP welcomed CGEM health data scientist to Parliament in Royal Society pairing scheme. April 2019

A real-world, observational study of a new drug therapy for control of Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes blood glucose monitoring
Using data from a large Scottish database, researchers investigated the potential of a new drug to control Diabetes and cardiovascular risk factors. April 2019.

First research publication attributed to the XDF Programme

Melissa Model Overview
One of our XDF Programme Fellows, Dr Chantriolnt-Andreas Kapourani, authored an exciting research paper in “Genome Biology”: April 2019

Only a few days left to apply for cross-disciplinary fellowships

XDF Programme
The application deadline for the MRC/UoE Cross-Disciplinary Post-Doctoral Fellowships (XDF) is 29 March 2019. 

Science at the Interface to Industry

science at the interface of industry
Workshop running from 24 - 26t April located at the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine: March 2019

Shining a light on genetic disorders

The importance of the Patient Voice: February 2019

Developing and demonstrating public presentation skills

The IGMM Heat of the 3MT Competition and “Do Your Looks Betray You?”: February 2019

Understanding the genetic basis of stress-sensitivity and depression

In recent papers published in PLOS One and Translational Psychiatry, Dr Pippa Thomson describes work from her lab on the genetics of stress response and depressive symptoms. February 2019

Patients engage with research on Paget's Awareness Day

Professor Stuart Ralston’s Bone Group, in collaboration with the Paget’s Association, invited patients with Paget’s disease to attend a buffet lunch, followed with presentations on Friday 11 January 2019.