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TestEd team awarded Principal’s Medal at winter graduation ceremony

Professor Tim Aitman received the medal on behalf of the team for significant achievements in pioneering a way to mass population testing in an epidemic: December 2021

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Professor Tim Aitman, Chief Investigator for the TestEd Programme and Director of the Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine, and the team have been recognised for their successes in innovating a way to mass population test during the pandemic, quickly providing practical Covid-19 testing to the entire University staff and student population.

The cross-disciplinary project team includes staff from across the University of Edinburgh -  Neil Turok, Linda Bauld, Nick Gilbert, David Perry, David Buchanan, Martin Reijns, Toby Hurd, Kathryn Carruthers, Alice Street and Helen Stagg.

The TestEd project seeks to develop and establish accurate, cost-effective methods to test for and detect SARS-CoV-2 in the saliva of asymptomatic carriers of the virus in the University's staff and student populations with the overall aim of minimising infection and transmission.

It is quick and easy to take part while on campus, for information please visit the link below.