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Reath–uses analytics and Business Intelligence tools to enable businesses to find safe, compliant and scalable solutions for reusing single use items that have been typically been sent to landfill. Reath’s focus is particularly pertinent given issues around single-use PPE and packaging.


Businesses shifting to reuse of items share common challenges to scale: lack of data 1/ Predictability: Businesses need to have a way of gathering data on their circular economy processes to make them efficient. 2/ Insight: There is a lack of data on reusable materials, design, durability and cost 3/ Integration: Existing software are typically designed for linear processes, not circular (e.g. inventory management systems)4/ Regulation: product safety processes are built for linear systems (e.g. product recall, labelling)5/ Environmental reporting: businesses need to be able to prove they are reusing items, not sending them to landfill


Reath software powers data-driven, scalable and compliant reuse systems. We do this by combining track & trace with, the Open Data Standard we authored for reuse. Collecting a set of standardised data across our clients gives us the datasets needed to build and train predictive models, which will be fundamental in helping businesses adopt and optimise these new, circular workflows with confidence. Our core focus is on packaging, but through grant-funded activity, we have explored our system applications to other circular systems, such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and electronic waste, with commercial/operational partners.