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Hand weakness makes basic day-to-day tasks extremely difficult. Unfortunately, for 2.5 million people in the UK, these difficulties are reality. We have designed a robotic glove which strengthens grip, and helps develop natural hand strength.


In the UK, 2.5 million people suffer from hand weakness. Hand weakness can be a result of Arthritis, MS, MND, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Stroke. Given that reaching to grasp objects is the most common arm activity performed in everyday life, hand weakness is devastating to an individual’s independence. Sonya Price is the aunty of BioLibertyCo-Founder Ross O’Hanlon. Sonya was diagnosed with MS in 2001. Ross witnessed the impact hand weakness has on independent living and decided to come up with a solution.



Our solution is a robotic glove which strengthens grip. When the user attempts to grip an object, the glove senses the user’s intent and responds by creating a force to assist the user’s hand. The glove is accompanied by a Digital Therapy Platform, which provides the user with tailored exercises to help develop natural hand strength. For sufferers of hand weakness this glove helps carry out day to day tasks. For Occupational Therapists, the glove is a tool to restore their patient's independence and improve patient outcomes.