Undergraduate study - 2017 entry

A-Z of degrees


Celtic (MA) Q500Celtic and Archaeology (MA) QV54Celtic and English Language (MA) QQ53Celtic and English Literature (MA) QQH5Celtic and French (MA) QR51Celtic and German (MA) QR52Celtic and Linguistics (MA) QQ15Celtic and Scandinavian Studies (MA) QR56Celtic and Scottish History (MA) QV52Celtic and Scottish Literature (MA) Q590Chemical Engineering (MEng) H804Chemical Engineering (BEng) H800Chemical Engineering with Management (BEng) H8N2Chemical Engineering with Management (MEng) H8NFChemical Physics (BSc) F334Chemical Physics (MChemPhys) F333Chemical Physics with a Year Abroad (MChemPhys) F320Chemical Physics with Industrial Experience (MChemPhys) F336Chemistry (BSc) F100Chemistry (MChem) F104Chemistry Global Select Pathway (BSc) F101Chemistry with a Year Abroad (MChem) F1TXChemistry with Environmental and Sustainable Chemistry (BSc) F140Chemistry with Environmental and Sustainable Chemistry (MChem) F144Chemistry with Environmental and Sustainable Chemistry and a Year Abroad (MChem) F145Chemistry with Environmental and Sustainable Chemistry and Industrial Experience (MChem) F143Chemistry with Industrial Experience (MChem) F102Chemistry with Materials Chemistry (MChem) F1FFChemistry with Materials Chemistry (BSc) F1F2Chemistry with Materials Chemistry and a Year Abroad (MChem) F1FGChemistry with Materials Chemistry and Industrial Experience (MChem) F1FAChildhood Practice (BA)Chinese (MA) T100Chinese and Economics (MA) TL11Chinese and French (MA) BR31Chinese and German (MA) BR32Chinese and History (MA) TV11Chinese and Italian (MA) TR13Chinese and Linguistics (MA) TQ11Chinese and Russian Studies (MA) BR37Chinese and Spanish (MA) BR34Civil Engineering (MEng) H203Civil Engineering (BEng) H200Classical and Middle East Studies (MA) QT86Classical Archaeology and Greek (MA) QV84Classical Archaeology and Latin (MA) VQ46Classical Studies (MA) Q810Classics (MA) Q800Classics and English Language (MA) QQ83Classics and Linguistics (MA) QQ81Cognitive Science (BSc) C859Cognitive Science (Humanities) (MA) C851Community Education (BA) X320Computational Physics (BSc) F343Computational Physics (MPhys) F355Computer Science (BEng) G401Computer Science (BSc) G400Computer Science and Management Science (BSc) GN42Computer Science and Mathematics (BSc) GG14Computer Science and Physics (BSc) GF43Computer Science with Management (BEng) G4N2


Ecological and Environmental Sciences (BSc) CF17Ecological and Environmental Sciences with Management (BSc) CN12Economic and Social History (MA) V340Economic History (MA) V300Economic History and Business (MA) NV13Economics (MA) L100Economics and Accounting (MA) LN14Economics and Economic History (MA) LV13Economics and Mathematics (MA) LG11Economics and Politics (MA) LL12Economics and Sociology (MA) LL13Economics and Statistics (MA) LG13Economics with Environmental Studies (MA) L1F9Economics with Finance (MA) L1N3Economics with Management Science (MA) L1N2Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (BEng) HH36Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (MEng) HHH6Electrical Engineering with Renewable Energy (MEng) H6HFElectrical Engineering with Renewable Energy (BEng) H6H2Electronics and Computer Science (MEng) GHK6Electronics and Electrical Engineering (BEng) H600Electronics and Electrical Engineering (MEng) H601Electronics and Electrical Engineering with Management (BEng) H6N2Electronics and Electrical Engineering with Management (MEng) H6NFElectronics and Software Engineering (BEng) GH66Electronics and Software Engineering (MEng) GHP6Engineering (BEng/MEng) H100Engineering Global Select Pathway (BEng) CH91English and Scottish Literature (MA) QQ32English Language (MA) Q302English Language and History (MA) QV31English Language and Literature (MA) Q300English Literature (MA) Q306English Literature and Classics (MA) QQ38English Literature and History (MA) QVH1Environmental Geoscience (BSc) F630


Geography (MA) L700Geography (BSc) F800Geography and Archaeology (MA) LV74Geography and Economic and Social History (MA) LV73Geography and Economics (MA) LL71Geography and Politics (MA) LL72Geography and Social Anthropology (MA) LL76Geography and Social Policy (MA) LL74Geography and Sociology (MA) LL73Geography with Environmental Studies (MA) L7F9Geology (BSc) F600Geology (MEarthSci) F640Geology and Physical Geography (MEarthSci) FF6VGeology and Physical Geography (BSc) FF68Geophysics (MEarthPhys) M7G6Geophysics (BSc) F660Geophysics and Geology (BSc) F690Geophysics and Geology (MEarthPhys) L3R7Geophysics and Geology with Professional Placement (MEarthPhys) L5T6Geophysics and Meteorology (MEarthPhys) K7T8Geophysics and Meteorology (BSc) FFP8Geophysics and Meteorology with Professional Placement (MEarthPhys) K8T9Geophysics with Professional Placement (MEarthPhys) U9H6German (MA) R220German and Business (MA) RN21German and Classics (MA) QR82German and English Language (MA) QR32German and English Literature (MA) RQ23German and History (MA) RV21German and History of Art (MA) RV23German and Italian (MA) RR23German and Linguistics (MA) RQ21German and Philosophy (MA) RV25German and Politics (MA) RL22German and Portuguese (MA) RR25German and Russian Studies (MA) RR27German and Scandinavian Studies (MA) RR26German and Scottish Literature (MA) RQ25German and Social Policy (MA) RL24German and Spanish (MA) RR24Government, Policy and Society (MA) L230Government, Policy and Society with Quantitative Methods (MA) L231Graphic Design (BA) W210Greek Studies (MA) Q700


Painting (BA) W120Performance Costume (BA) W451Persian and English Literature (MA) T6Q3Persian and Middle Eastern Studies (MA) T63HPersian and Politics (MA) LT26Persian and Social Anthropology (MA) TL66Persian Studies (MA) T633Pharmacology (BSc) B210Philosophy (MA) V500Philosophy and Economics (MA) VL51Philosophy and English Language (MA) VQM3Philosophy and English Literature (MA) VQ53Philosophy and Greek (MA) QV75Philosophy and Linguistics (MA) VQ51Philosophy and Mathematics (MA) VG51Philosophy and Politics (MA) VL52Philosophy and Psychology (MA) VC58Philosophy and Scottish Literature (MA) VQ55Philosophy and Theology (MA) VV56Photography (BA) W640Physical Education (MA) XC61Physics (BSc) F300Physics (MPhys) F303Physics and Music (BSc) FW33Physics Global Select Pathway (BSc) F301Physics with a Year Abroad (MPhys) W2S4Physics with Meteorology (MPhys) 9W23Physics with Meteorology (BSc) F304Physiology (BSc) B120Politics (MA) L200Politics and Economic and Social History (MA) LV23Politics with Quantitative Methods (MA) 8M9DPortuguese and Business (MA) RN51Portuguese and English Language (MA) RQ53Portuguese and English Literature (MA) RQM3Portuguese and History (MA) RV51Portuguese and History of Art (MA) RV53Portuguese and Linguistics (MA) RQ51Portuguese and Philosophy (MA) RV55Portuguese and Politics (MA) RLM2Portuguese and Russian Studies (MA) RR57Portuguese and Scandinavian Studies (MA) RR56Portuguese and Scottish Literature (MA) RQ59Portuguese and Social Policy (MA) RL54Primary Education with Gaelic (Fluent Speakers) (MA) 3T59Primary Education with Gaelic (Learners) (MA) 3R67Primary Education with History (MA) X1V1Primary Education with Mathematics (MA) X1G1Primary Education with Religious Studies (MA) X1V6Primary Education with Scottish Studies (MA) X1V2Product Design (BA) W240Psychology (BSc) C800Psychology (MA) C801Psychology and Business (MA) CN81Psychology and Economics (MA) CZ81Psychology and Linguistics (MA) CQ81


Scandinavian Studies (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish) (MA) R600Scandinavian Studies and Classics (MA) QR86Scandinavian Studies and English Language (MA) QR36Scandinavian Studies and English Literature (MA) RQ63Scandinavian Studies and History (MA) RV61Scandinavian Studies and Linguistics (MA) RQ61Scandinavian Studies and Philosophy (MA) RV65Scandinavian Studies and Politics (MA) RL62Scandinavian Studies and Scottish Literature (MA) RQ69Scandinavian Studies and Social Policy (MA) RL64Scandinavian Studies and Spanish (MA) RR64Scottish Ethnology (MA) V910Scottish Ethnology and Archaeology (MA) VV94Scottish Ethnology and Celtic (MA) VQ95Scottish Ethnology and English Language (MA) VQ93Scottish Ethnology and English Literature (MA) VQX3Scottish Ethnology and Scandinavian Studies (MA) VR96Scottish Ethnology and Scottish History (MA) VV92Scottish Ethnology and Scottish Literature (MA) VQ92Scottish History (MA) V210Scottish Literature (MA) Q531Scottish Literature and Classics (MA) QQH8Scottish Literature and History (MA) QVJ1Scottish Literature and Scottish History (MA) QV22Scottish Studies (MA) Q501Sculpture (BA) W130Social and Architectural History (MA) VV33Social Anthropology (MA) L600Social Anthropology and Politics (MA) LL62Social Anthropology and Social Policy (MA) LL64Social Anthropology with Development (MA) LL69Social Anthropology with Social History (MA) L6V3Social Policy and Economics (MA) LL41Social Policy and Law (MA) LM41Social Policy and Politics (MA) LL42Social Policy and Social and Economic History (MA) LV43Social Policy and Sociology (MA) LL43Social Policy with Quantitative Methods (MA) 4T6HSocial Work (BSc) L500Sociology (MA) L300Sociology and Politics (MA) LL32Sociology and Psychology (MA) LC38Sociology and Social and Economic History (MA) LV33Sociology and Social Anthropology (MA) LL36Sociology with Quantitative Methods (MA) 5S9KSoftware Engineering (BEng) G600Software Engineering with Management (BEng) G6N2Spanish (MA) R410Spanish and Business (MA) RN41Spanish and Classics (MA) RQ48Spanish and English Language (MA) QR34Spanish and English Literature (MA) RQ43Spanish and History (MA) RV41Spanish and History of Art (MA) RV43Spanish and Linguistics (MA) RQ41Spanish and Philosophy (MA) RV45Spanish and Politics (MA) RL42Spanish and Portuguese (MA) RR45Spanish and Scottish Literature (MA) RQ49Spanish and Social Policy (MA) RL44Sport and Recreation Management (BSc) N230Structural and Fire Safety Engineering (BEng) HH21Structural and Fire Safety Engineering (MEng) HHF1Structural Engineering with Architecture (BEng) H2K1Structural Engineering with Architecture (MEng) H2KCSustainable Development (MA) HL23

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