The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

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Interviews and stories from the Dick Vet

Batteries not included: teaching clinical skills in veterinary education

A lab is arranged with items for learning through play
Lecturer in Clinical Skills Caroline Mosley talks about the importance of hands-on skills in veterinary education

Call of the Wild: Conservation Science research and practice at Edinburgh

Professor Rob Ogden, Chair of Conservation Science, talks about the School’s work on conservation of wildlife populations. 

Night of the living vets: Learning through play in veterinary education

Vet students work through a scenario
Senior Lecturer in Student Learning Jessie Paterson talks about the role play has in embedding resilience in first year veterinary students

Electric Sheep: the future of VR in veterinary education 

A 3D pelvis in the Vet School's digital bone library
Senior E-Learning Developer Brian Mather talks about digital education and the future of Virtual Reality in teaching