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Easter Bush Campus Retains Gold Sustainability Award

The Easter Bush Campus is delighted to have received a Gold Office Award from the University’s Department of Social Responsibility and Sustainability.

Sustainability awards

The Campus has now retained Gold status for a third consecutive year.   The Gold  project this year focused on social responsibility and sustainability (SRS) within veterinary medical education, and is one of the first award projects to focus specifically on SRS in learning and teaching at the University.

This award recognises the hard work of students and staff across the campus. It demonstrates the key role that veterinary medical research and teaching plays in the work to achieve the UN sustainable development goals (  The project was led by Sharon Boyd on behalf of the Campus. 

The Roslin Institute has also retained its  Gold Lab Award, for a fourth consecutive year. To achieve a Lab Award, participating teams demonstrated compliance with a wide range of sustainable lab practices including efficient use of fume cupboards, management of chemicals and samples, and reducing waste, water and energy consumption.  Brian McTier and the Facilities team led this work and were highly successful in their goals. 

In addition the Campus applied for special initiative sustainability awards, the decision for these are still pending.

The SRS Awards ceremony will be held on Tuesday 28th March 2017.


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