Tuition fees

Full-time fees for new students 2021-2022

Tuition fees for full-time undergraduate study as a new student in 2021-2022.

The tuition fee shown in the table is for one year only.

Tuition fees increase every year in the majority of cases.

If you intend to study over additional years, you should take this annual tuition fee increase into consideration when you estimate your fees for a degree.

International full-time student fees

If you are an Overseas/International taught student studying full-time over multiple years, you will:

  • not be affected by the annual tuition fee increase
  • be charged a fixed annual fee based on your start date

If you are given direct entry into Year 2 or Year 3, you will be charged the same annual rate as the year group that you join.

Showing rows 1 to 22, total number of results 22.

Programme name Programme Code School Scotland Home - RUK International/EU
Arts, Humanities and Social Science (BA) (AHSS) (LAW) - (Full-time) UTBAHSSLAW2F Law £1,820 £9,250 £22,000
Bioethics Law and Society (BMedSci) UTBMEBIOLS1F Biomedical Sciences £1,820 £9,250 £32,100
Business and Law MA (Hons) UTMAHBUSLA1F Business School £1,820 £9,250 £22,000
Economics and Law (MA Hons) UTECNLA Economics £1,820 £9,250 £22,000
International Relations and International Law (MA Hons) UTMAHIRILA1F Social & Political Science £1,820 £9,250 £22,000
Law (LLB Hons) UTLLBLAWHO1F Law £1,820 £9,250 £22,000
Law (LLB Ord) UTLLBLAWOR1F Law £1,820 £9,250 £22,000
Law (LLB Ord) (Graduate Entry) UTLLBLAWOG1F Law £20,750
Law and Accountancy (LLB Hons) UTLAWAC Law £1,820 £9,250 £22,000
Law and Business LLB (Hons) UTLLBHLAWB1F Law £1,820 £9,250 £22,000
Law and Celtic (LLB Hons) UTLAWCE Law £1,820 £9,250 £22,000
Law and Economics (LLB Hons) UTLAWEC Law £1,820 £9,250 £22,000
Law and French (LLB Hons) UTLAWFR Law £1,820 £9,250 £22,000
Law and German (LLB Hons) UTLAWGE Law £1,820 £9,250 £22,000
Law and History (LLB Hons) UTLAWHI Law £1,820 £9,250 £22,000
Law and International Relations (LLB Hons) UTLLBINT Law £1,820 £9,250 £22,000
Law and Politics (LLB Hons) UTLAWPO Law £1,820 £9,250 £22,000
Law and Social Anthropology (LLB Hons) UTLAWSA Law £1,820 £9,250 £22,000
Law and Social Policy (LLB Hons) UTLAWSY Law £1,820 £9,250 £22,000
Law and Sociology (LLB Hons) UTLAWSG Law £1,820 £9,250 £22,000
Law and Spanish (LLB Hons) UTLAWSP Law £1,820 £9,250 £22,000
Social Policy and Law (MA Hons) UTSOPLA Social & Political Science £1,820 £9,250 £22,000