Carbon emissions on our menus

Supporting staff, students and visitors to make informed choices on their food.

cloud outline with carbon emission value inside
Example of carbon emissions displayed on menu item

In order to support staff, students and visitors to make informed choices on their food, we are adding the carbon emissions for our menus onto our wellbeing portal.

Did you know...

Spinach & Falafel Burger with Skinny Fries produces 0.88kg of climate-warming carbon dioxide, compared to 6.3kg for a Classic Beef Burger with Skinny Fries.

Calculating carbon emissions on our menus

If you would like to find out more about how these carbon emission figures were calculated, please see the following report.


Finding carbon emissions on our menus

We have started with a small number of outlets, and will add more as the calculations for menu items are completed. The following locations has carbon emissions added to their menu items. Carbon emissions are displayed at the bottom of each specific menu item page.

Carbon emissions from our food as a proportion of an individuals daily carbon emissions

The following document has been developed in order to give context to the scale of the carbon emissions provided on our menus in relation to the average daily carbon emissions for an individual in the UK. These are guidelines only and show that, in order to achieve a 43% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030, an average person in the UK would need to allocate a maximum of 1.25 kg of carbon emissions per day for their food (8.75 kg carbon emissions per week).