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SQA National 5 requirements

For some of our degrees we need you to achieve specific subjects to at least National 5 level.

National 5 English

Unless we specify a higher level in our entry requirements, a pass is required in English at National 5 Grade C for entry to all degrees.

National 5 Mathematics

Some degrees require you to achieve a grade A in Mathematics. We will accept combinations of Mathematics and Physics both at grade B to meet this requirement.

Where Mathematics is specifically required for entry to a degree, we will not accept National 5 Lifeskills Mathematics to meet this requirement. If National 5 Applications of Mathematics is accepted this will be stated in our entry requirements in the degree finder.

Degree finder 

We recognise that you may progress directly to Higher in some, or all, of your subjects without sitting any National 5 examinations. Our selection criteria ensure that, if you follow this route, you will not be disadvantaged.

You will still be expected to meet any stated subject requirements. If you do not hold a subject that is required at National 5, you must have achieved, or be predicted to achieve, a Higher or Advanced Higher pass in the subject. Depending on the grade required at National 5, this may equate to achieving a B or C grade at Higher or Advanced Higher.

Compare National 5 grades to other common qualifications


Comparison table: National 5, Standard Grades and Intermediate 1 and 2

National 5 Standard Grade Intermediate 1 Intermediate 2
A 1 - A
B 2 - B
C 3 A C

 Comparison grades do not apply for teacher training degrees.

Entry requirements

You should have achieved (or be predicted to achieve) our entry requirements, including required subjects, for the degree you have applied for.

For some degrees, we may be able to consider all applicants who meet the entry requirements. For highly selective degrees we may only be able to consider candidates who exceed the requirements, as these degrees attract many highly qualified applicants.

You can use our degree finder to find entry requirements.

Degree finder

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