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Take a year out

How to apply if you want to take a year out of study before starting university.

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If you are planning to take a year out, you can:

  • apply for deferred entry in your final year at school or college, or
  • make an application for immediate entry during your year out

If you would like to apply for deferred entry, you should do so no later than the UCAS equal consideration deadline in January. We can only consider requests for deferred entry after this date where there are exceptional circumstances.

As we need to ensure that there are sufficient places available for applicants who apply next year, we are only able to make a limited number of offers for deferred entry.

You should make clear on your UCAS form your reasons for wishing to defer entry and how you intend to use the time. If we have more applications for deferred entry to a particular degree than we can accommodate, we will use this information to decide who will receive a deferred offer.

Competition for places is extremely high. If you apply during your year out having already achieved your qualifications, you may be in a stronger position than those who apply for deferred entry with predicted grades.

Before you submit your application, please contact us for advice on your degree choice. Not all degrees accept deferred entry applications.

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Medicine and veterinary medicine

If you are an applicant to veterinary medicine, or an EU or international applicant to medicine, and you want to take a year out, you will not be considered for deferred entry and you should instead apply during your year out.

The only exception to this would be for medicine if you have to take mandatory national service or a similar obligation in your home country. In this case an application to defer for one year only will be considered but not guaranteed.

If you are a Scottish applicant to medicine and want to take a year out, you are strongly encouraged to do so after completing S6.

Personal statement

You should include in your personal statement details of how you intend to spend, or have spent, your year out.

This is particularly important if you are applying to subjects such as medicine and veterinary medicine, where a year out gives you an opportunity to extend your education and prepare you for your degree studies.

To best prepare for mathematics or language degrees, we recommend that you use your year out to do work that will maintain your mathematics or language skills.

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