Undergraduate study - 2025 entry
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Apply through UCAS

You must apply online through UCAS, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service.

Your school or college will normally be able to guide you through your application.

If you are applying independently, UCAS can advise on the application process.

Your choices

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You can apply for up to five different degrees at any university.

If you apply for medicine or veterinary medicine, you can use up to four choices for these subjects. You should use your fifth choice for an alternative, back-up subject. This will not prejudice your application in terms of demonstrating commitment to study medicine or veterinary medicine.

If you apply to more than one university, we will not be able to see which other universities you have applied to until they have made their decisions. This means that we make our decision on your application without knowledge of your other choices.

Applying through UCAS

All applications for full-time study must be made online through UCAS.


Applying for more than one degree

If you want to apply for more than one degree at Edinburgh you should ask us for advice on your choices.

In some cases we may advise that it would be better to use only one of your choices, if, for example, more than one degree you are considering applying for is within the same subject area.

Even if you meet the relevant entry requirements for all of the degrees you have applied for, some of our colleges may only be prepared to make you one offer. This is especially true if you use two or more of your choices to apply for degrees where there is considerable competition.

In other cases, a college may decide it is possible to make you up to two offers, but this depends on the degrees you have applied for. 

Contact us

Changing degrees

If you change your mind about the degree you have applied to at any point in the admissions process you should contact us at the earliest opportunity to discuss your options.

Get in touch using our online enquiry form

Applying for part-time study

If you are applying to study part-time, you should apply directly to the University.

Applying for part-time study

Age on entry

There is no minimum age for entry onto our degrees, and we are happy to consider applications from suitably qualified applicants who would be under 18 at the point of entry.  

All students on the MBChB Medicine programme must be 18 or over in their fourth year in order to take part in the placement element of the degree.  

If students will be under 16 when they start at the University of Edinburgh we will consider their application in line with our Policy on the Admission of Children. 

Policy on the Admission of Children

Submitting a complete and accurate application

Before you submit your application, you should make sure that all your information is complete and accurate.

Submitting a complete and accurate application

Contact UCAS

If you have an enquiry for UCAS, you can get in touch with them directly through their website.

Contact UCAS